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The Adriano family is a typical example of a family-run farm, a real tradition in Piedmont. At the beginning of twentieth century, Giuseppe Adriano and his wife Teresa, Aldo's parents, already ran a farm but it was not yet winery. It was Aldo Adriano, with his wife Maddalena, that bought the first winery.

In the 80s, Marco and Vittorio, with their wives Luciana and Grazia, took over the business, improving the production and marketing of the wines and expanding further into the international markets. This year, Michela, Vittorio's daughter, joined the family business, flanking her mother Grazia as export manager.

And in the "nursery", there is new hope: Elisa and Andrea, Marco and Luciana's children, and Sofia, Victor and Grazia's youngest daughter. The "Adriano's" future is guaranteed!

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