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Adriano develops new ideas through a number of partnerships.

We lend our unique vision to projects that involve making choices,

selecting methods and setting objectives.

We believe in our network of partners, who help to contribute

to the success of the choices and actions that tether us to this territory–that help us bring both our territory and our wines to you.


The Albeisa bottle dates from the 1700’s and gives Langa wines their traditional form. At once historic, innovative and sustainable, the Albeisa bottle was invented here in the Langhe.

Crafted locally but with a global outlook, Albeisa bottles are an example of modern, sustainable artistry.

Albeisa is more than a bottle; it is the repository of a unique product, the wine of the Langhe.

Piedmontese roots with a local identity.

The Più Freisa Association originates in the heart of Piedmont and unites the makers of Freisa, their various territories and their cultures. This wide-ranging and ambitious project promotes Freisa wine through events that are aimed at both consumers and operators in the sector.


A fun and ecological way to experience the territory. Cycle-tourism with electric bicycles is an innovative idea. Recommended itineraries are designed to reveal the beauty of the landscape–a wholly relaxing way to visit the various towns and villages of the Langhe. E-bikes can be rented at our cellar.

Established in 1973 by a small group of winemakers to introduce Neive (CN) and its wines to the wider world, the shop now boasts more than 30 associated wine producers. It's a great place to meet up and spend a few pleasant moments in good company. The shop is open to all and with its welcoming atmosphere is an ideal place to taste and purchase Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato wines grown on the Neive hillsides.


Promoted by Coldiretti, the Amica Campaign Foundation was set up in 2008 to express the values and dignity of Italian agriculture. It highlights the role of agriculture in environmental protection, preservation of the territory, its traditions and culture; its health and welfare, food safety, equality and access to food at fair prices, as well as contributing to the social fabric and local job creation.

The Enoteca Regionale or, the Regional Wine Shop works to promote wine production in the area. Today it represents the Barbaresco wine made by 138 producers.The Enoteca promotes Barbaresco by organising events such as Espressione Barbaresco, Barbaresco a Tavola, and Piacere Barbaresco, in addition to regular tasting sessions in the Enoteca. Barbaresco wines from the entire area of production can be purchased in the shop.


Is a non-profit organisation to promote and protect the image and interests, along with the technical and economic needs of those independent Italian wine producers involved in the complete cycle of winemaking, from grape-growing to bottling and marketing the final product.

View Piedmont's most beautiful hills from a hot-air balloon. An amazing and unforgettable experience. A unique and original way to discover one of the world's most beautiful landscapes. Experienced and qualified instructors and pilots guarantee you exciting views in complete safety.Hot-air balloon tours are available year round.


The association for the heritage of The Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato has the objective of coordinating all activities of governance, from promoting new candidates to planning integrated projects related to the site. The organisation is responsible for implementing the management plan and coordinating its projects; it also ensures compliance of all operators within the territory.

The first choice among professionals from more than 65 nations. IFSE is the school of cuisine and pastry-making with the capacity to change the future. Accredited by the Piedmont Region, the school is a route to sure success.


The Wine Bank and Slow Food are united in promoting Italian wine culture through the ‘Wine Project’. A jewel in the heart of Pollenzo (CN), the Wine Bank groups together one of the largest and best selections of Italian wines. It offers educational experiences, visits and tastings, courses and events

Six young winemakers provide six different expressions of the Piedmont territory. Their culture and their wines–together. Six young winemaker friends, all small vineyard owners in six different Piedmontese areas, work together to achieve a single objective: to promote the territory and Piedmontese wine culture.


A wine fair organised by the Asti section of the Italian Sommelier Association, dedicated to young women winemakers. All are youthful exponents of winemaking with deep roots in Piedmont. The Sbarbatelle are the symbol of a generation of women who challenge as well as listen to each other and work together to bring their wines and culture to the world.

E-bike circuits and walks in the heart of Piedmont. Tours on offer provide authentic experiences of the territory, tastings of wine and local products to allow you to truly get to know the protagonists of our amazing Piedmont: the winemakers.


A network of Piedmontese producers who practise green, re-considered and sustainable winegrowing. The Green Experience is both a brand and a collective certification, integrated and sustainable, it is dedicated to Piedmontese wines and aims to emphasise their distinctive production methods, conserve natural resources and protect the landscape of the Langhe hills.

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