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At 57, Vittorio was a man of ideas. Not only did he possess the requisite self-discipline to put them into practice, but he was able, in both word and deed, to inspire others to join in. In little time he made important contributions to building the Adriano estate; he was able to take into account not only the joy of the wines but also to apply his intuition and astute economic sense to marketing them successfully.

Vittorio was dedicated to Barbaresco wine and was especially proud of the vineyards he cultivated in San Rocco Seno d’Elvio and on the Basarìn hill in Neive.
However, his efforts went beyond Nebbiolo, to the other denominations of the territory, such as Dolcetto d’Alba, and Barbera d'Alba. He established a close relationship with his city–Alba–and worked to create an association of local wine producers for the area.

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Vittorio’s efforts on behalf of the winemaking industry were rooted in a commitment to progress on one hand and an equal commitment to the territory on the other. He participated actively in the formation of the Barbaresco Regional Enoteca and at the national level in the FIVI Federation of Independent Winemakers. In recent years he was actively involved along with other winemakers to encourage development in the sector, taking into consideration the interests of small producers.

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Though Vittorio is no longer with us, we are certain that his example will remain as a constant encouragement to further progress, for each individual estate, for the Barbaresco area and for the Langhe region in general, where time and again, he showed his intense dedication.
Vittorio will be remembered for his commitment, for his ideas and many achievements over the years, all of which have contributed to strengthening the reputation of the area, for both wine enthusiasts and winemakers alike.
His example and his memory will endure for those who remain, as will the enterprise whose solid future he built.

Giancarlo Montaldo

Gazzetta d’Alba, 26 maggio 2022


"We will remember you always just as you are in this film dear friend…’

by Massimo Gavello 

    Rodolfo Carrara


"With his infectious smile, engaging enthusiasm and rugby-player physique, Vittorio didn't just do things--he threw all of himself into them."

by Michele Antonio Fino 


“I recall him as always full of energy, always willing to lend a hand and cheerful. In his eyes, you could see his enthusiasm for winemaking and for his land."

by Roberto Giuliani 

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"Vittorio was a staunch believer in, and very proud of, Barbaresco. He greatly appreciated that the denomination, though small, was made up of many hard-working families that are fiercely attached to their roots and traditions"

by Ian D'Agata


“Once, when I asked him to participate in an event, he explained regretfully that he could not: he had already given his word to another and that a handshake had a deep meaning for him, though he would have otherwise had great pleasure in working with me.”

by Livio Ruffo

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“There is a proverb saying that lions never die, but only go to sleep.”
Vittorio was a lion. 
I would like to remember him smiling, drinking a good glass of wine, Ardì.”

by Paolo Tibaldi

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“Yesterday I wanted to bring along a bottle of Vittorio Adriano's Basarìn.
For a moment, the melancholy evaporated, or maybe the Basarìn had simply made it bearable.
You’ve left us with a masterpiece, an intense memory of your way of reading the soil.”

by Angelo Peretti

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“Running after that ball led him to represent the world of Piedmontese wine on the National Winemakers team, along with other producers, referred to as the “Undici del Vino” (the eleven winemakers).”

by Livio Oggero

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“All together at centre field, as if to symbolise the love of wine and love of sport of Vittorio Adriano.”
And thus the supporters of the National Italian Wine Team and the Barolo Boys celebrated the memory of Vittorio Adriano, who passed away just a few weeks ago.”

by Livio Oggero


“He was the spokesman for the independent winemakers of Piedmont.”


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