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Is a non-profit organisation to promote and protect the image, work and interests as well as the technical and economic needs of the independent Italian winemakers who are involved in the complete cycle of winemaking, from grape-growing to bottling and marketing of the final product.

FIVI groups together winemakers who respect specific criteria for production methods and quality. In both theory and practice, Adriano has always been committed to these same criteria.


The objective of the Independent Winemakers Association is to keep winemakers on the land: making wine, conserving the terroir, defending the landscape and providing joy to the consumer. Guaranteeing that the wine remains in the hands of the winemaker on each step of its way to your glass. From the vineyard and winemaker directly to you. We see our wine as a symbol of trust and a bond of respect between us, from winemaker to consumer.

Our wines celebrate our life; they share the joy that comes from our commitment and hard work. We are all united in guaranteeing that our wines and tastings make the same journey, guided by the same hand–from the vineyard to your glass.

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