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Our estate is immersed in a landscape not only rich in vineyards.
In fact, there is a rich woodland vegetation that extends for hectares and allows us to collect precious White Truffles of Alba, Black Truffles and mushrooms of great quality, a real passion for the whole family Adriano.


Conservation of the natural environment has always been our mission.
We believe that it can have great repercussions in terms of enhancing the territory as it is the premise for an increase in the presence of diversified and sustainable tourism in the area and the cornerstone on which to base a policy of environmental education.


Marco and Vittorio continue to cultivate their passion for collecting mushrooms and truffles since they were children.


The part of our estate located in San Rocco Seno d'Elvio is one of the most important truffle areas in the Albese area thanks to the maximum care we have for the vegetation with replanting of oak, lime and poplar trees.

Another enchanting place where Marco and Vittorio spend their free time in search of the precious tubers is the area of the "Rocche dei 7 fratelli" in the municipality of Treiso.
In season it is possible to buy them directly from the farm.

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